Motion & Position Sensors

Motion and position sensors are widely used in various industries and applications. These sensors are designed to detect and measure changes in position, orientation, speed, and acceleration.

Motion and position sensors are used in a wide range of applications, for example in automotive applications to control airbag deployment, stability control, and engine management and in industrial automation applications to control the position and speed of conveyor belts, robots, and other equipment.

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Midori CP36U Contactless Angle Sensor


Midoris potentiometers are also known as precision potentiometers. They are used for more precise measurements than variable resistors and are a type of position sensor that detects the direction/angle/rotation of mechanical movement. Midori also develops contactless potentiometers with magneto-resistive elements and Hall ICs, which have no contact points in the detection unit.  Honeywell

Honeywell Magnetic position sensors

Magnetic Position Sensors

Honeywell’s magnetic position sensors are used to detect the presence and strength of magnetic fields. Measure linear, angular or rotarey movement of magnet attached to moving object.

Midori Motion and position sensors, Midori CE58M


An encoder is a sensor that detects the direction/angle/rotation of mechanical movement and converts the information into digital signals. Midori’s rotary encoders are highly resistant to vibration and shock, have dustproof and drip-proof functions, and are high-resolution, reliable, and environmentally resistant  – Honeywell

Honeywell Sensing Acceremoter


Honeywell accelerometers include a full range of configurations, including miniature transducers, bi-axial and tri-axial measurements and special submersible units, all available in numerous mounting configurations, including screw type, bolt mount, epoxy and others. Plus, Honeywell offers both strain gauge and piezo-electric technology, making their product line one of the most robust in the market. Honeywell accelerometers are designed to survive most overloads and are built to perform in the most extreme temperature conditions

Honeywell Sensing resolvers


Resolvers are rotary and angle absolute position sensors that provide non-contact measurement for 360° sensing, enhanced accuracy, resolution, and repeatability under severe environmental conditions. They are inherently radiation hardened and offer durable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance.

1-inch & 3-inch series from Honeywell.

Honeywell Sensing motions and position sensors

Aerospace Position Measurement

Aerospace Design Engineers working on flight controls, engines, nose wheel steering and pilot control applications have a need for continuous position monitoring.

Honeywell aerospace LVDT provides infinite resolution linear position solutions designed for use in harsh environments. They are an ideal product to be used on next generation aircraft which require expedited design cycle time from an experienced, stable supplier with an extensive aerospace product install base.

Proximity Sensors

Honeywell proximity sensors are ideal for many locations on an aircraft, or applications with severe shock, vibration, temperature and EMI environments.

Honeywell has two new platforms of proximity sensors: General Aerospace Proximity Sensors (GAPS) and Harsh Aerospace Proximity Sensors (HAPS), formerly known as the IHM Series.

Both platforms incorporate Honeywell’s patented Integrated Health Monitoring functionality, however the products have some technical differences that allow them to be used in various aerospace applications


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