Discover our extensive range of high-quality relays designed for efficient control and power management in various industrial applications.

Relays play a crucial role in controlling electrical circuits by acting as switches that open or close circuits based on input signals. They are used in almost every industrial and automotive equipment – from control systems to central locking systems to fuel pumps. We offer relays from E-T-A and these are engineered to provide reliable and precise control, ensuring seamless operation and protection of your critical systems.

Relays for Reliable Control and Power Management

Most relays are available in 12- or 24-volt coils in a variety of series designations from 15 to 1000 Amp ratings.  Options include contact materials, coil suppression, and coil resistance. Automotive Plug-in relays include Mini-ISO, Micro-ISO and 280-ISO formats. We can offer any configuration you need.

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