Insulating Materials

The wide product range offers a comprehensive solution for all types of cable, hose and pipe the mechanical & abrasion protection, noise reduction, electrical insulation, thermal protection, radiant heat protection and electromagnetic shielding.

Solutions with insulating materials are widely used in automobile, railway, telecom, hydraulic heavy machinery, electronic, defence and aerospace field.

Glass Fiber Tubing

Glass fiber tubing in various embodiments and with various temperature ranges. Insulating sleeve of silicone rubber coated fiberglass sock. and aerospace field.

Shrinking Tubes

 Shrinking tubes are offered in several materials (polyolefin, PVC, PTFE, FEP, Kynar®, and Viton®), colors and dimensions. The tubes are available with or without hot melt adhesives, and halogen.

Insulating Tapes

Special Tape for industry is available in different materials with alternative adhesives. The program will include polyester tape, Kapton ® tape, woven glass-reinforced tape and PTFE tape. For welding jaws of packaging machines are stocked zontape and heat-sealing tape.

Our product range also includes insulation foil, strips and sheets in all temperature classes as well as impregnated ribbon from fiberglass, or polyester.

  • Silicone rubber coated glass fabric
  • Teryl flat late
  • Cetaver edged “roving” tapes
  • Other edged tapes
  • Cetaver mixed and braided cords
  • Tapes

PTFE Coated Glass Fiber Fabrics

We offer Tygaflor® PTFE-coated woven fiberglass fabric. Extremely low friction coefficients, making the material useful as a sliding surface.

The fabrics temperature resistance (up to +260ºC) also makes it suitable as a release medium on the welding jaws of packaging machines. The material has very high resistance to chemicals. PTFE coated Kevlar®fabric available as an alternative where the mechanical demands.


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