Heat Pipes & Vapor Chambers

Heat Pipes

Heat Pipes are Copper Tubes filled with phase change liquid.
Extremely effective high thermal conductivity: 5000 W/mK and higher

Heat Pipes are easily customized and can work against gravitation.

– Standard Diameters and Length available.
– Flat and Bent Heat Pipes
– Cooling Modules ans Assemblies with integrated Heat Pipes

Vapour Chambers

Vapour Chambers are 2-dimensional Heat Pips and the most efficient way available to move heat in several directions within an application.


Superior ultra-thin flat form factor vapour chamber technology. The patented copper encased two-phase vapor chamber is thin, light, and delivers up to 30% lower thermal resistance than conventional heat pipes, when used as part of a total cooling solution.

Fluid Phase Change

Fluid Phase Change applications, often referred to as “re-circulating,” use closed loop heat pipes to transfer heat quickly through evaporation and condensation within the heat pipe.

Because of their high thermal efficiency, heat pipes are often designed into advanced heat sink technologies when increased thermal density or physical size restrictions exist.

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