Rugged Textiles

CP Cases’ rugged textile products protect portable electronics equipment, surgical and analytical instruments, professional broadcast cameras, audio apparatus, engineering tools, personal equipment for defence and security professionals and many other applications where the user is looking for a lightweight protection option.

CP Cases’ rugged textile and flexible material products are hand-made by some of the most experienced and best trained personnel in the business. Products are hand cut or punched using traditional methods from the best and most suitable materials to exact custom design patterns and then hand stitched ensuring the highest quality and most hard-wearing finish. Fittings, piping, straps, webbing and other features are then secured before foam inserts, produced on-site and designed to be part of the complete product, are applied.

  • When you have a non-standard piece of equipment, or a unusual application, then we will make a case that fits your exact requirement.
  • Tough Cordura fabrics in incredible colours.
  • Strong fittings – fit for the job.
  • Padding for the elements – against dirt, rain and extremes of cold and heat.Shoulder carry or hand-grip – whatever is easiest for you.
  • Specialist foam design service available to provide tailored cushioning in high quality “closed cell” polyethylene foam.This product can be custom built to order, even for one-offs, to meet the most exacting design requirements.
Airnesco Rugged Textiles
CP cases rugged textiles cutouts
CP cases rugged textiles camera cover
CP cases rugged textiles