Industrial Switches

Industrial Switches

We offer a wide range of HMI switches, Human-Machine interface, for all types of electronical equipment. All you could need, regardless of application, from medical to hand-held electronic devices, commercial vehicles or even MIL qualified switches – we have them all!

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Foot operated switches

Foot Operated Switches

For all types of electrical equipment. The housings are made of wear-resistant and break-proof plastic equipped with anti-slip and colour-fast foot pads.

sealed push button switches

Pushbutton Switches

IP67 & IP6K9K seal level as well as its high shock and vibration resistance. The push button itself is available in various colours, with symbols and also in an illuminated version.

Rocker switches

Rocker Switches

2-Pole switch with configurations for 2 or 3 position switch action. Momentary & maintain connection designs. Central thead & flange mounting options. Various electrical terminal options, including screw terminals, fast-on pins or solder terminals.

Micro switch

Snap Action Micro Switches

Honeywell’s snap-action basic switch is simple, superior, durable, and irreplaceable. Globally compliant and known worldwide for their compact and lightweight design, MICRO SWITCH snap-action switches are designed for accurate repeatability and extended lif

Kissling toggle switches

Toggle Switches

Meets recognized international standards. A multiplicity of options may be selected including: switching configuration, termination type, load carrying capabilities and locking combinations.

In addition to aerospace, air transport, armored fighting vehicles. Honeywell toggle switches withstand wet, dust, dirty environments and are designed for use in harsh environments. With many configurations available.

Emergency Switches

Safety Switches

Increased safety factors in field installations, the current circuit will be closed by pulling the red knob.

For critical safety applications, include key-operated interlocks, cable-pulls, hinge-mounts, limits and non-contacting options.

Honeywell Sensing limit switches

Limit Switches

A broad & deep limit switch portfolio, including global, heavy-duty, miniature, general purpose, hazardous location and sealed switches from Honeywell.

Pressure Switches

Having ranges of 0.5 psi to 4500 psi, pressure switches feature enhanced repeatability & media capability; factory set or field adjustable options.

Foot switches

Plunger Switches

Plunger switches are designed and constructed to meet high vibration requirements. The robust design features IP67 and IP69K environmental sealing and high reliability shaft.

Plunger Foot-Operated Switches

IP67 & IP69K sealings and high vibration resistances that are primarily used for actuating the engine brake or retarder.

Sealed rotary switches

Rotary Switches

Available in 1-pole and 2-pole version with change-over function.Suitable for demanding environmental conditions – IP67 & IP6K9K seal level and its high shock and vibration resistance.

Honeywell rotary switches: Lever or knob action. 3- and 4-positions. Integral connectors (Metripack 280 and Sumitomo). Environmentally sealed design.

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