Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)

Discover our extensive range of Thermal Interface Materials (TIM), designed to provide innovative solutions for the most challenging thermal management problems in electronics manufacturing. With thermal conductivity capabilities reaching up to 10 W/mK, our TIM solutions are tailored to meet diverse industry needs.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) are secondary materials installed between the heatsink and the device that are designed to improve the thermal transfer to the heatsink. Regardless of how flat or smooth the device and heatsink are, there will always be small air voids between the two surfaces. Since air is a not a great conductor of heat, a TIM replaces the air and fills the voids. There are many types of TIMs and each has its best case usages.

At EG Electronics , we specialize in providing customized TIM solutions, including die-cast parts, tailored to your specific requirements. Our expertise in thermal management, combined with a commitment to innovation and quality, makes us a leading choice for OEM manufacturers in the vehicle, defence, and industrial automation sectors.

Explore our range of Thermal Interface Materials and find the perfect solution for your thermal management needs.