Customized Cable Assembly

From conceptualization to the final product and throughout the supply chain, our design and manufacturing capabilities seamlessly support the entire process. We are equipped to crimp cables up to 120 mm2 and provide complete cable solutions, including terminal insulation.

Cable harness is a grouping of wires, cables, or subassemblies designed to transmit signals or electrical power through simple point-to-point assembly, to complex multiple-branch multiconductor cable harnesses can be customized to meet almost any specification.We specialize in crafting bespoke Cable Harness designs and manufacturing, catering to the defense and industrial markets such as industrial automation. Our production and design adhere to the IATF 16949 process-oriented quality management system, ensuring continual improvement, defect prevention, and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

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Cable harnesses

Charging and Battery Cables

With the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions, our flexible and high-quality battery cables have become increasingly vital. We offer flexible battery cable production handling prototypes, large or small volumes with high variability. Unlimited assembly combinations avilable including wires, connectors, battery terminals, cable and terminal protection.

Design service ensure that the finished battery Cable is optimally protected from heat and mechanical stress. Our automated equipment cut and crimp cables up to 120mm2.

As a distributor and partner for leading manufacturers of components we ensure good quality and price for components used.

Overview of Battery Terminals & Insulators

Customized cable assembly solutions

MIL Cable Systems

Besides distribution of parts, components and tools from world-wide known manufacturers EG Electronics offer design and production of cable harnesses.
Build-to-print and build-to-spec military cable assembly and harness in compliance with all the required standards and specifications.
MIL Cable System manufacturing capabilities with connectors, heat shrinkable sleeves, overbraiding or conduits protections following common standards as STANAG, VG, MIL-STD etc.
MIL Cable System we manufacture are Mil-Spec and ISO certified to the highest levels of quality.
Process according to AS9102 including FAI and COC, FAI process documented and audited, continous improvement, defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

MIL Connectors Overview

Telebox Industrial Ethernet Cables TB39PI-BK. Class EA/Cat.6A STP High Density Coupler

Industrial Ethernet Cables

In today’s connected world, our industrial ethernet cables from Telebox provide optimal speed and reliability. Telebox CAT.6 ethernet cables provides an optimum speed and structured cable solutions for industrial applications. These industrial ethernet cables comes in various types to meet industries needs,  EN 50173 / ISO IEC 11801 and IP67 certifications are available.

Fiberoptic cables

Fiber Optic Cables |  Passive Products

Our fiber optic cables and passive products meet global standards, ensuring optimal data transmission. We offer factory-tested quality and customization in lengths and connector styles, catering to the specific needs of our clients. Compliant with : JIS C-5973, IEC, Bellcore.

Industrial Cable Systems. Assemblies Cable Harness

Special Cables

Special Cables defined by simple point-to-point assembly for Signal, Power or Fiber processing.
Experience in providing speficik connectors in a bundled solution to fit as adaptors, pigtails or part of a cable harness.
Flexible and adoptable production rangning from single prototypes, small volumes with high variability to volume production with best design to fit value.

Case Studies Connectors, Cables & Assemblies

Power Cords

Feller power cords owe their unsurpassed quality reputation to the fact that both flexible cord and moulded ends are manufactured by Feller.
Therefore, customers are assured of 100 % colour-matching and state-of-the-art crimp-connections between flexible cord and plugs/connectors.

Single Wires | “Universal” Cords – Harmonized plus UL/CSA-listed | SPT-Cords | Light-Duty Cords | Heavy-Duty Cords | Ordinary Duty Cords | Shielded Power Cords

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