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Our production unit WEAB in Torsby offers Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) . Production Process is certified in quality ISO 9001 and in environment ISO 14001 Quality

We produce circuit boards in small and medium-sized series. For this purpose, we have automatic surface mounting, semi-automatic mounting stations and specially adapted workstations for circuit board mounting.

At production unit WEAB we  assembles ready-made devices, performs function checks and trimming and delivers directly to the end customer if desired.

We help to develop special enclosures, such as power distribution boxes,  even in small numbers. WEAB do cabling as well, everything from single conductors to more complicated ones.

The products manufacturered at the production site, are used worldwide in such diverse areas as the defence industry, transport sector, bioenergy, emergency lighting, weighing systems and more.

We deliver to some of Europe’s largest companies and to sole proprietorships. Our business concept is a turnkey contract – Everything from idea to finished product, delivered directly to the end customer – we are your Nordic Built to Print partner. 

WEAB Nordic Build to Print Partner


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Part of EG Electronics since 2020

WEAB Wermlands Elektronik AB (WEAB) was started in 1995 located and origins in Torsby Sweden and it became a part of EG Electronics Group in 2020. 

Hole Mounting

WEAB has three semi-automatic assembly machines and several specially adapted workstations for electronics assembly.

Final Assembly

Assembly of ready-made devices and function checks and trimming.  We develop special enclosures, even in small numbers. Also cabling, from single conductors to more complicated ones.

Testing / Trimming

Before the product is ready for delivery, a test and / trimming of this is often done. We perform this according to the customer’s demand and documentation requirements.

Packing, Labeling & Delivery

Packing, labeling and delivery of products takes place according to agreement with the customer.

We can for example deliver directly to the end customer if desired.

Quality & Environment

We must meet the customer’s expectations regarding the product’s quality and speed of deliveries

We will work to prevent pollution from production and products and comply with applicable laws and requirements.

We must have a high level of environmental awareness and competence and work purposefully with continuous improvements

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