Circuit Breakers

We offer circuit breakers from E-T-A. E-T-A circuit breakers are designed for equipment, component and low voltage wiring protection. Their precision performance characteristics are ideally suited to applications for which other methods of protections are generally inadequate, such as test equipment, control instrumentation, automotive systems and defence equipments.

E-T-A circuit protection

Thermal Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers

E-T-A has perfected thermal magnetic technology to provide a choice of mounting options, covering an extensive range of current ratings all with high precision performance. These models are suited to telecommunications, process control and other industrial applications where sophisticated equipment needs correct and dependable protection.

circuit breaker high performance

High Performance

High performance circuit breakers of thermal or thermal magnetic operations. Designed for applications with uncompromising performance and reliability requirements. Models are available for aircraft defence equipment, marine systems and other specialized equipment, where safety is paramount.

All the circuit breakers in this series are highly resistance to the effects of shock, vibration, salt mist, humidity and similar influences. Their small physical size, low mass and advanced constructions guarantee total versatility. Approvals are held from the supervisory authorities of key relevant industries.

circuit breaker magnetichydro

Magnetic & Hydraulic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers

Magnetic and hydraulic circuit breakers are ideally suited to protect against overcurrent and short circuit of printed circuit boards, semi-conductors and telecommunications equipment.

Circuit breakers with magnetic or hydraulic-magnetic trip mechanism respond extremely fast and provide genuine physical contact isolation. Magnetic trip ensures disconnection of the faulty circuit nearly without delay in the event of short circuit, but also in the event of low overloads. E-T-A models also provide hydraulically delayed switching characteristic required for certain applications.

3120-N Circuit Breaker E-T-A

Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breakers

With simple operations through the heating effect of current, thermal circuit breakers offer one of the most reliable and cost effective forms of protection device available. As a result they are ideally suited to the protection of a broad range of components and systems such as transformer windings, printed circuit boards, low voltage power distribution circuits of road vehicles and battery powered machines.

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