E-T-A Solid State Relays ESR10
E-T-A circuit protection


Micro Solid State Relay

The smart power relay ESR10 Micro (Electronic Standard Relay) is a solid state relay which can replace electro-mechanical relays. The ESR10 is a plus switching (high side switch) closing relay (NO) in an ISO Micro automotive relay enclosure.
It allows bipolar control by a positive voltage. This space-saving relay is available in three power classes:
  • 10 A for max. 85° C / (12 and 24) Vdc
  • 17 A for max. 105° C / (12 and 24) Vdc
  • 30 A for max. 85° C / 12 Vdc

The ESR10 helps to switch loads whose current demand is too high to be connected directly to the controlgear. The switching function of the ESR10 is completely noiseless. This allows installation in the vehicle’s interior.

The ESR10 Micro relays can easily replace an electro-mechanical relay because polarity of the control input does not matter. The solid state relays are suitable for switching resistive, inductive and capacitive or lamp loads. Unlike electro-mechanical relays they offer frequency control as an option.