Fozmula Liquid Level Sensors TLL140
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Capacitance Fuel Level Sensor

The T/LL140 series is a range of SAE 5 Hole mounted fuel sensors for continuously measuring the contents of a fuel tank providing a factory set variable resistive or voltage output. The sensor can be re-calibrated each time the tank is filled and can operate even with the inclusion of fuel additives.

T/LL140 is available for tank depths between 200 mm and 1100 mm it can also be cut to length and to be recalibrated  by the user. It also features a low level alarm that switches when the fuel drops below a predetermined level.

  • Liquid Types
  • Probe Lenght
  • Mounting
  • Supply voltage
  • Accuracy
  • Sealing
  • Operating temp:
  • Liquids compatible with construction materials, typically diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, petrol.
    Not suitable for fuels with a high dielectric constant.
  • Min. 200 mm, max. 1100 mm.
    Ensure probe end is above any contaminants.

  • Mounting: SAE 5 Hole.
  • 10-32 VDC
  • ±3.0% of depth @ 20 ºC (+68 ºF).
  • IP67 (Assuming suitably sealed cable breakout).
  • -20 ºC to +85 ºC.