Fuses are electrical protective devices. They are made of a thermoplastic shell and a fusible link in Zinc (Zn) or Copper (Cu) alloy. MTA’s fuses are developed according to ISO standards, and their range covers blade and bolt down types.

We offer high quality standard and custom made fuseboxes in materials depending on your application, typically PA6 and PBT. The bolts are made in stainless steel for high torque tensioning. The fuseboxes can be delivered pre-assembled with fuses and conductor rails for your convenience.

Fuses Minival


Blade type fuses

Compliant with ISO 8820-3 Standard (Type F). This medium slow fuse is the most popular standard in automotive protection for low cross-section wires. Made of Zinc alloy.

Datasheet Minival

Drawing Minival

Fuses Unival


Blade type fuses

Compliant with ISO 8820-3 Standard (Type C), the first standard automotive blade fuse. Made of Zinc alloy

Drawing Unival

Datasheet Unival

Fuses Maxicompact


Blade type fuses

Compliant with ISO 8820-10 Standard (Type L, high current miniature).  Made of Zinc alloy.

MTA  Fuses


Blade type fuses

Family of blade fuses in development, complying with high current capabilities of Type “E” fuses (refer to ISO 8820-3 Standard) and with reduced dimensions as Type “L” fuses (refer to ISO 8820-10 Standard). Made of Zinc alloy.

MTA Automotive fuses MaxiVal Series


Blade type fuses

Compliant with ISO 8820-3 Standard (Type E). Most applied standard to protect medium-heavy wires. Its slow blow operating characteristics allow high peak inrush currents with heavy duty cycle. Made of Zinc alloy.

MTA Midival Fuses


Blade type fuses

MidiVAL® fuses are compliant with ISO 8820-5 Standard, applicable to automotive bolt-on Fuses. They allow space reduction compared to MegaVAL® for high current wiring protection. The operating features are characterized by strong time delay characteristics. Made of Zinc alloy.


Bolt Down Fuses 12V/ 24V

If compared to the MegaVal, the MegaCompact allows for a reduction in area and volume about 30%

Fuses Megaval


Strip type fuses

MegaVAL® fuses are compliant with ISO 8820-5 Standard, recommended for the protection of heavy cross-section wires with heavy current duty. Made of Zinc alloy (100 ÷ 250 A) and Copper (300A÷500A), to optimize the performance to the nominal current. Also available as with complete copper alloy (100 ÷ 250 A)


Bolt Down Fuses 12V / 24V

Main Characteristics:

OHM Value assessed and optimised to guarantee the lowest possible voltage drop on the line.

High capacity to sustain heavy power surges

Operating time curve to ensure efficient protection of the entire range of electrical malfunctions

Shape and dimensions of PowerVAL allows its interchangeability with MegaVal.

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