RFI EMI Shielding Elastomers

VANGUARD ULTRA-VANSHIELD® DUAL shielding elastomers offer the optimum combination of metallic conductivity and elastomeric performance.

• Resilient inner core remains free of metal fillers, resulting in optimum compression and aging properties.

• Silver conductive material is only present in the outer thin membrane, resulting in excellent conductive properties.

• Thin silver layer permits reduction of costly silver content required.

• Attenuation performance is not degraded under full compression as with solid-filled elastomers.

• Very low compression force and resistance to deformation.

• Manufacturing flexibility and quick turnaround of custom designs. Viable short run alternative.

• Easy termination. No requirements for end treatment.

• Available with a variety of optional conductive metals.

We offer a wide range of EMI/RF shielding solutions from world leading manufacturers.

  • homogenius silicon gaskets, such as SuperShield, Multishield, Monoshield Weaveshield,
  • conductive foam
  • gasket for connectors
  • fabric over foam gaskets  from world leading manufacturers.

Ultra-Vanshield® Dual-Elastomer gaskets from Vanguard

Each style incorporates design features not commonly found in other forms of shielding elastomers and gaskets. Some of the more important advantages to consider are:

  • Continuously extruded high-strength silicone rubber core
  • Co-extruded highly conductive metalfilled silicone outer layer
  • Extremely high shielding effectiveness
  • Environmental sealing
  • No compression set
  • Low compression force
  • Extreme environment and abrasionresistant options
  • Simple installation options

MicroBridge gaskets from Vanguard

Microbridge® is the ultimate construction design utilizing new technology which creates a microscopic conductive bridge through the body of an elastomeric extruded gasket. The conductive element traces a path, by putting the conductor only where it is needed through the interior of the silicone rubber core, yielding very significant cost- effective savings of the conductive material.

This leaves the outside face of the mounting surface side with as much adhesion-active area as possible and improved galvanic corrosion resistance with low compression/ deflection forces. Excellent for I/O backplanes and all general RFI/EMI shielding applications.

Available in most profiles in this catalog and many custom configurations. Be creative and utilize our design staff to help optimize your specific application. Standard tooled profiles: strips, D-bulbs and T-wiper styles. Custom layouts of the conductive traces and die-cutting are easily arranged (see also custom die-cuts below).

Fabric Over Foam from Schlegel EMI

Schlegel Electronic Materials has always been on the forefront of fabric over foam technology. Today fabric over foam continues to be at the core of our product line. We offer a variety of fabrics including:

1: NiCu-C22: Nickel-Copper plated polyester ripstop fabric with Schlegel protective top coating.

3: NiCu-C70: Nickel-Copper plated polyester ripstop fabric with Schlegel protective top coating.

4: NiCu-C12: Nickel-Copper plated polyester plain weave fabric with Schlegel protective top coating.

7: SnCu-C50: Tin Copper plated nylon plain weave fabric with Schlegel protective top coating.

9: Ag-C2: Silver plated nylon ripstop fabric with Schlegel protective top coating.


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