RFI EMI Shielding Elastomers

VANGUARD ULTRA-VANSHIELD® DUAL shielding elastomers offer the optimum combination of metallic conductivity and elastomeric performance.

• Resilient inner core remains free of metal fillers, resulting in optimum compression and aging properties.

• Silver conductive material is only present in the outer thin membrane, resulting in excellent conductive properties.

• Thin silver layer permits reduction of costly silver content required.

• Attenuation performance is not degraded under full compression as with solid-filled elastomers.

• Very low compression force and resistance to deformation.

• Manufacturing flexibility and quick turnaround of custom designs. Viable short run alternative.

• Easy termination. No requirements for end treatment.

• Available with a variety of optional conductive metals.

We offer a wide range of EMI/RF shielding solutions from world leading manufacturers.

  • homogenius silicon gaskets, such as SuperShield, Multishield, Monoshield Weaveshield,
  • conductive foam
  • gasket for connectors
  • fabric over foam gaskets  from world leading manufacturers.