We offer Thermoelectric cooling/Peltier coolers for heat-pumping, thermal cycling and precise temperature control from Ferrotec.

These premium quality thermoelectric modules is used by several business areas, from telecom and biomedical to automotive and consumer devices for example.

Ferrotec’s extensive range of thermoelectric modules (thermoelectric coolers or Peltier devices) range from mini-modules with footprints of 2.3 mm x 3.3 mm to larger, high power modules with Imax levels as high as36 amps.

We can offer modifications of existing modules, as well as complete purpose-designed custom modules. Please contact us for discussion of your specific design requirements.

Thermoelectric cooling peltier

Single Stage
Single Stage modules are suitable for a wide range of applications which require a medium or high pumping capacity combined with excellent efficiency.

Multi Stage
The Multi-Stage TEM series is designed to provide significantly higher Δt. These TEMs are suitable for low temperature applications where a small or medium cooling capacity is required.

Thermal Cycling
The thermal cycling modules have been specifically designed for fast and very fast cycling applications. Life time is significantly greater than a standard module under the same thermal cycling conditions.

Thin Film
The Thin-Film Substrate TEM series was specifically developed to offer greater design flexibility to users. Ferrotec Thin-Film Substrate modules can be rapidly prototyped in nearly any shape. Features such as internal thermistors or custom external metallization patterns can be easily added.

Miniature & Micro
The miniature modules are developed for rigorous high ambient temperature and components miniaturisation, using high performance semiconductor material and special assembly technology. The Micro modules are especially developed for the demands of telecom applications.


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