Liquid Cooling Plates

We can provide a wide variety of different types of liquid cooling products. Even though it’s most common to use water or water/glycol mixtures, basically any liquid can be used, including for example liquid refrigerants, fluorocarbons, gasoline, hydraulic fluid or oil.

There are various methods of constructions which can be used, also possibility to create customized solutions, both machined and embedded.We offer for example, liquid cooling plates, heat exchangers and coolant distribution units.

We have also access to specialized cold plate technologies for specialized requirements in form factors, high heat flux application to guarantee high performance.

Liquid coldplate

Liquid Cooling Plates

One of the most common way to accomplish liquid cooling with some flow path with moves the liquid under the devices. After the heat is absorbed into the liquid, it is taken out of the plate and into the larger system. Multiply options of what liquid to choose, even though water or water/glycol mix is the most common.

Heat Exchangers

The Coolcentric family of heat exchangers comprises compromises passive, liquid cooled heat exchangers. Different options whether you would like to replace the rear doors ion your IT rack enclosures, or to use in-row heat exchanger.

Coolant Distribution Units

The Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) provides close controlled cooling water for a variety of heat exchanger devices. The CDU creates an isolated secondary loop, separated from the chilled water supply, enabling strict containment and precise control of the liquid cooling system.


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