Liquid Level Sensors

Forzmula’s expertise in capacitance and hydrostatic technologies has enabled us to develop electronic liquid level sensors without any moving parts to suit a wide variety of applications. These sensors are accurate, reliable and durable and can be configured with many different connections, thread and output options.

Capacitance Fuel Level Sensor | T/LL140

A solid state fuel or oil level sensor  T/LL140 series is a range of SAE 5 Hole mounted fuel sensors for continuously measuring the contents of a fuel tank providing a factory set variable resistive or voltage output. The sensor can be re-calibrated each time the tank is filled and can operate even with the inclusion of fuel additives.

T/LL140 is available for tank depths between 200 mm and 1100 mm it can also be cut to length and to be recalibrated  by the user. It also features a low level alarm that switches when the fuel drops below a predetermined level.

Capacitance Liquid Level Sensor | T/LL130

A liquid level sensor T/LL130 is designed for use in water, coolant or fuel/oil tanks and provides a factory set variable resistive or voltage output suitable for driving industry standard fuel gauges or connecting into PLCs.  Available for tank depths between 200 mm and 2000 mm it can be used in any liquids compatible with the wetted parts.

The device has no moving parts to stick or wear and can be mounted at any angle above horizontal as long as it covers the whole depth of the tank (the unit cannot be inverted). An optional manual calibration feature is available.

Capacitance Liquid Level Sensor | T/LL171 & T/LL174

T/LL171 and T/LL174 are vertically mounted, highly advanced sensors designed to continuously measure the height of the liquid for use in fuels and water based liquids such as engine coolant. Occupying a tiny footprint, the sensors are available in lengths between 90 and 500 mm long. The T/LL171 provides a current output whereas the T/LL174 provides a voltage output.

Although the sensor is not a loop powered device, it is suitable for use in difficult and hostile environments. The sensor has a very small footprint with its advanced electronics being housed in the hexagon header.

Unusually for solid-state liquid level sensors, the T/LL17x series can be used in very shallow tanks without detriment to its accuracy. The T/LL17x has an integral Packard Metri-pak 150 series connector but can also be supplied with a flying lead and a suitable connector of your choice

Capacitance Liquid Level Sensor | LL350

The Model T/LL350 series provides a continuous level measurement of tank contents and offers a choice of voltage, resistance or 4-20 mA outputs. The dual probe design allows the sensor to continuously self calibrate and detect, for example, different fuels, and will recalibrate the output to compensate for differing dielectric constants. Therefore, if a tank is filled with conventional diesel and then bio-diesel, the sensor automatically calibrates to give a corrected output without the need for the user’s intervention.

Capacitance Level Sensor, Extended Temp Range | T/LL360

T/LL360 is an extended temperature range variant of the T/LL350 series of highly advanced sensors for continuously measuring the contents of a tank.  Capable of operating at temperatures as low as -40°C the T/LL360 series auto compensates when a liquid with a different dielectric constant is used.  For example, if it is used in a tank of conventional diesel, the user can refill with bio-diesel and the sensor will correct the output level automatically.

Options include a high/low level alarm point, fitment of any suitable connector and compensation for non-linear shaped tanks.

Fuel Level Sensor with Integrated Feed & Return | FR37x

FR37x range of Fuel Level Sensors are equipped with fuel feed and return pipes, removing the need for additional fuel extraction and filling connections and simplifying the fuel tank assembly and installation.

Fozmula’s capacitance technology means no moving parts and, as a result; improved accuracy and reliability compared to mechanical alternatives. This range has a modular design enabling a great deal of flexibility to provide customers with options to suit specific applications.

Hydrostatic Liquid Level Sensor | T/LL200

The Model T/LL200 series is designed for use in tanks requiring continuous level measurement of their contents and provides a voltage or 4-20 mA output suitable for connecting into plc or process related applications.

Race Fuels Level Sensor | T/LL136

A liquid level sensor specifically for race fuels which provides a continuous output of tank contents in either resistance, voltage or PWM formats. Available for tank depths between 200 mm and 600 mm it can be used with most aggressive fuel additives.

Capacitance Level Sensor, Cut-to-lenght | T/LL150

A vertically mounted capacitance type liquid level sensor that provides continuous monitoring of liquid levels. This development of the popular T/LL130 series sensor can be cut-to-length and calibrated by the customer’s technicians. Available in standard lengths and outputs. Applications include bespoke generator and industrial equipment installations and refits.

Oil Level Sensor, Extended Temp Range | T/LL400

T/LL400 Oil Level Sensor is an advanced capacitance sensor that continuously monitors oil level providing a configurable voltage output in the range 0-10 VDC.
Compact and robust this sensor is designed to provide accurate and repeatable level data for oil in relatively shallow, extended temperature range applications such as engine oil sumps or tanks.


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