Liquid Level Gauges

Mechanical and electronic indicators of tank contents of up to a depth of 1.8 metres. Suitable for mobile and static applications.

Contents Gauge with two electrical outputs | G/LL65

The G/LL65 vertical spiral gauge is a mechanically operated liquid level gauge with a local display and two electrical outputs. Suitable for connection to a typical controller or remote level indicator these outputs are:

– A variable resistance proportionate to the liquid level.
– A volt-free switch to trigger an alarm when the liquid reaches a prescribed level.

Fuel Tank Caps & Gauges | Kelch

A vast range of fuel tank gauges, filler caps and dipsticks which can be customised with colours, scale markings and alternative material

Swing Arm Contents Gauges | G/LL28

A magnetically coupled gauge using a float arm to drive the indicator pointer, it can be top or side of tank mounted.

Vertical Spirals Contents Gauges | G/LL63

A mechanically operated liquid level gauge built using high precision moulded components and a one piece float guide arrangement.
The gauge is mounted vertically from the top of the tank so that as the liquid level changes the float follows that change and uses a magnetic coupling to transfer that motion from the float to the level indicator dial.
The gauge is completely sealed so there is no risk of the tank contents leaking through the gauge header

Vertical Spirals Contents Gauges | G/LL64

The G/LL64 series vertical spiral gauge is a mechanically operated liquid level gauge designed to continuously display the liquid level and provide a volt free contact as a high or low level alarm.

A latched reed switch is positioned at a customer specified height and actuates when the float falls or rises past it to make or break an alarm circuit


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