Honeycomb Vent Panels

Schlegel offers a complete line of quality honeycomb vent panels. The addition of vent panels to SEM’s extensive portfolio of shielding products allows SEM to be your exclusive EMI shielding supplier, to help you meet or exceed yur global requirements for electromagnetic compatibilty (EMC).

We use 5052 grade aluminium foil which is a lightweight material offering superior strength and corrosion resistance over commercial grade aluminium foils. It meets all the requirements of MIL-C- 7438. This material is used to manufacture aircraft floors & wing edges, missile wings, helicopter rotor blades etc, so quality and repeatability is assured.

Currently we have 7 frame styles available.

  • To keep down production cost, vent panels made with styles 1701, 1703, 1705, 1706 & 1707 are normally supplied with 3 corners notched and the 4th joined corner welded. If required, all 4 corners of the panel can be supplied fully welded.
  • Frame styles 1702 & 1704 are always supplied with fully welded corners.

All frame stylescan be supplied with a conductive gasket to provide the best electrical contact between the frame and mating metal surface.

  • Standard tolerances for overall Finished Vent Dimensions are +/- 0.8mm
  • Standard tolerances on Hole Centres are +/- 0.4mm
  • Typical corner radii on frame styles 1701, 1703, 1705, 1706 & 1707 are R3.0mm

The standard finish for aluminium vent panels is SemPas , it fully meets the RoHS directive and replaces Alocrom 1200. This in-house process applies a permanganate passivation which is a chromate free, inorganic and non toxic coating. The process produces a dense, uniform coating consisting of aluminium and reduced manganese oxides giving a golden yellow colour to the surface. The surface finish is conductive with a low contact resistance equalling Alocrom 1200. It also meets all requirements of MIL-C-5541E for corrosion and electrical conductivity

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