High Temperature Cables

All types of high temperature cables ranging up to -60 to +1400 ° C.


Halogen-free high temperature cable suitable for example as wiring in luminaries, heaters, ovens, griddles, etc., where cables is continuously exposed to high temperatures (temperature range -60 ° C to +180 °C). It is also used as ignition cable in special fixtures.


Halogen-free silicone insulated single conductors for high temperature (temperature range -60 ºC to +250 ºC). We offer this type of cable in a variety of colors and in different designs, both single and double insulated and with various approvals.

ICC | SIAF Product Information


Multi conductor silicone cable, for temperatures up to + 180 º C. Works well as flexible connection cable. Also available with shielded outer shell.  Depending on the application, there are different types of SIHF:

► SIHF HAR – approved
► SIHF/GL Silicone impregnated glass yarn braid
► SIHF/P silicone impregnated with a stainless steel braid
► SIHF/VDE VDE cargo sensing
► SIHF/GL/P Silicone Impregnated with fiber tape and the outer sheath of stainless steel braid
► SIHF/PVC PVC sheathed
► SIHF/PVC/VDE PVC sheathed with VDE approval
► SIHF/S Shielded variant

Temperature Above 250° C

Heat resistant single conductor for use in environments where the requirements for temperature resistance is very high. Resistant to rapid temperature changes within the specified temperature range. Excellent retirement and UV resistance.

► SILICABLE® VS | -60 ° C to +280 ° C copper wire

► SILICABLE® NVS | -60 ° C to +350 ° C, nickel wire

► SILICABLE® NVAS | -60 ° C to +450 ° C, nickel wire

► GVSNHT1 -60 ° C to +650 ° C, nickel wire

► GVSNHT2 -60 ° C to +800 ° C, nickel wire’

► SILIFLAM® | 400 ° C to  +1400 ° C, nickel wire


SIAF/Z Cable suitable for installation of halogen. Two-wire (easy to share), heat resistant cable, up to + 180 º C continuous

Other High Temperature Cables

Our range of cables  includes insulated cables PUR, PVC, rubber, irradiated polyolefin, PFA, FEP and PTFE.

For example:
► wiring Class F (± 155 º C)
►NSGAFÖU Flexible power cable with tinned copper conductors and double insulation of neoprene
► H01N2-D Highly flexible welding wire in the area 10 – 180 mm ²
► H07RN-F Flexible single and multi-conductor cable. Conductor insulation of rubber insulation and sheath of neoprene rubber.


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