Circuit Breaker/Switch Combination 3120-N | New Generation

Protecting and switching in a single component

Are reliable and cost-effective designs important to you? The 3120-N circuit breaker/switch combination helps you significantly reduce mounting and wiring time as well as expenses for material planning and stocking expenses.

E-T-A’s 3120-N is a single pole or double pole thermal circuit breaker with a bimetal trip element that also serves as an ON/OFF switch. After tripping due to overcurrent, it can easily, reliably and quickly be reset. Time-consuming replacement of fuses is eliminated.

The  rocker version is available as non-lighted or lighted (12 V – 400 V) and offers various actuator colours as well as marking choices. The 3120-N push button includes the traditional red/green option as well as a unique offering of protection from accidental operation.

The 3120-N circuit breaker/switch combination contains a high-end bimetal strip tripping element. The
trip time depends on the peak and duration of the overcurrent as well as the ambient temperature.

No fuse replacement required
After tripping due to overcurrent, the 3120-N can easily, reliably and quickly be reset.

Reduced mounting and wiring time
You only mount one component. In addition, cables to connect switch and blade fuse are eliminated.

Reduced planning and storage costs
It replaces a switch, a fuse-holder and blade fuses. This makes purchasing logistics much easier.

Space-saving design
It features space-saving integral overcurrent protection. This leaves room for creativity and ideas in terms of space design, even in constricted areas.

Enhanced reliability
Less single components always mean: less sources of error. E-T-A’s 3120-N helps you consistently increase the overall reliability of your products.

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