ControlPlex® System CPC20

ControlPlex System cpc20

CPC20 Bus Controller

Increasing system availability by data logging and transmission

Quick access through integral web server


The ESX60D intelligent circuit protector

Adjustable for hight flexibility

Space-saving design

Continuous data collection

Reduced inventory

Proper protection of system and loads


Module 18plus intelligent power distribution

Module 18plus – a modular terminal block system for unrivalled flexibility

Complete mounting and power distribution system with push-in technology for DIN rail mounting


18plus-EM03 Supply Module


18plus-EM03 Connection Module

The intelligent way of DC 24 V protection

The intelligent CPC20 ControlPlex® System protects your DC 24 V power distribution against overload and short circuit. The basis is the modular terminal block system Module 18plus. The ESX60D electronic circuit protector continuously records the load current and the load voltage of the system. These measuring values are bundled by the CPC20 bus controller  and transmitted to the connected control systems. The system operator can continuously monitor his power distribution system and detect changes or aberrations at an early stage.

The ControlPlex®System thus prevents unplanned system downtimes, improves transparency and stabilises the production process, increases the quality of the goods produced and significantly increases plant availability.

Your benefits

► Enhances system availability through comprehensive diagnostic functions
► Improves protection against voltage dips through selective protection of loads
► Increases the flexibility of system planning through a modular terminal block system

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