Appliance inlet module X3120 with line filter

Appliance inlet module X3120 with line filter

Reduce components – reduce costs

Systematic reduction of components is a major factor of success for a cost-saving design.

The new appliance inlet module X3120 from E-T-A combines no less than four functions within a single component: A C14 appliance inlet, a line filter, a rocker switch and resettable overcurrent protection. In this module the two latter functions are provided by the 3120-N, E-T-A’s well-proven circuit breaker/switch combination.

By using the module, you will not only be able to reduce wiring and installation costs, but also material planning and inventory costs, because instead of many single components you only need to purchase a single module. This helps you reduce your storage area.

Your benefits

► Saves time by reducing mounting and wiring times
► Cuts costs by reducing disposition and storage costs
► Increases availability by avoiding time-consuming fuse changes

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